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Virtual Style Consulting

My mission is to help my clients look AND feel good whether it's their wardrobe, space or business and brand. With that, I understand that sometimes people want to invest in themselves, but don't have the means for it. I also understand there are people out there that have a sense of style, but may just need some professional advice to steer them in the right direction - we all get stuck sometimes, right? This is why I launched 30 minute Virtual Style Consults! 

Pick my brain on whatever it may be; your wardrobe, office space or your home decor! Just like our in-person services, I make everything a workshop so you truly understand the 'why's' and then some. This service is more of an open conversation so bring those questions! Consults are done via Zoom, but can also be done via phone (I will be in contact if you do upon booking). And lastly, if you don't see a time that works, don't be afraid to contact me.

Please note that our booking calendar shows 7 days at a time and availability can vary per week.

In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Child Abuse Prevention Month & the #IAmStrongerProject, every 30m Virtual Style Consult conducted in the month of April, we will donate a total of $5 per consult to the local organization, Cornerstone MN! By donating, they'll be able to help victims of child sexual abuse and other abuse victims with support and resources.