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minneapolis thrift store

Thrift Store Personal Shopping & Styling at Arc's Value Village

Arc's Value Village is a nonprofit thrift store helping people with intellectual and and developmental disabilities throughout the state of Minnesota. They have 3 store locations throughout the Twin Cities; Bloomington, Richfield and New Hope. Unlike most thrift stores, Arc actually offers a FREE personal shopping and styling service! Whether you love thrifted finds, but hate having to dig through everything or if you're someone that just doesn't have time to thrift, Sarah and I can! Not only do you not have to do the digging yourself, but you also get to work with a professional stylist! Did I mention that it's FREE?! 

With the pandemic, Sarah and I started to offer virtual sessions but we can also do them in-person. Because of the flexibility of doing them virtually, we can ship anywhere in the nation, too! So whether you're located in our neighboring state of Wisconsin or across the country in California, we got you!

So what is the difference between this free thrifting appointment and our regular appointments through MH? The Arc appointments are shorter and are more focused on one-off shopping while our appointments with MH goes further into the experience where it's more of a journey, including working from within your closet. However, Arc personal shopping and styling clients do receive a one time discount on a few of our services at MH which can be redeemed within 60 days after your Arc appointment. 

With all that being said, here are all the things Arc! 

**Sarah: New Hope & Bloomington locations

**Melissa: Richfield, New Hope (by request), Bloomington (virtual only)

Melissa will return to Arc in May/June 2024

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