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Starting the uncomfortable conversation so it's not uncomfortable anymore

I am a survivor of child sexual abuse. In fall 2020, I came out with my story to all my followers. I've always been open about my story, but I came out with it so everyone really understood why I am the personal stylist that I am today - I found fashion as my outlet, my security blanket, when I was going through the after affects of the abuse and while going through the court system. This is why and how I created the culture and practices for MH Style Consulting - Using fashion as an empowering motive and a mental health item. Because of this, in addition to coming out with my story, I also launched the actual project which was to grant one survivor of child sexual abuse a complete makeover so they, too, could feel empowered just like I did! After the makeover, we would do a professional photo shoot because who doesn't like to see photos of themselves all done up? These photos would not only be used during the month of April (Sexual Assault Awareness Month) to gain awareness, but they would be a friendly reminder to the survivor of why they are here, that they're amazing, and strong. 

Although I worked my butt off for this project, it failed. Two times to be exact, which is a tough pill to swallow. Speeding it up to April 2022, the relaunch of the #IAmStrongerProject is here!

I will simply just be more open with my story, sharing resources and facts, and overall starting the uncomfortable conversation so it's not uncomfortable anymore. Child sexual abuse is more common than you think: 

- 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 53 boys under the age of 18 experience sexual abuse or assault at the hands of an adult

- 93% of the time, the perpetrator is known to the victim


The purpose of starting this conversation is so that we can bring more awareness to child sexual abuse and eventually change the God awful laws that exist for pedophiles. But that's not all....

Every April, we will be donating a total of $5 to $25 for every Wardrobe Package & Image Consulting package to the local organization, Cornerstone MN! This organization helped me when I was in need and still does to this day through their fantastic therapy services. I want them to be able to continue providing their outstanding resources to other survivors like myself.

So join me in creating this uncomfortable conversation so it's not uncomfortable anymore!

If you're a victim of abuse, please reach out to Cornerstone MN or RAINN for help

Proud Sponsors:

Lisa Harris and Co.
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