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Traveling Stylist Tour Dates

So what is a Traveling Stylist Tour Date exactly? I travel a lot so one day I thought, "Why not offer my services while I'm in town?" I always say that everyone should have access to a personal stylist because doesn't everyone deserve to look good and feel good? As you probably saw on my home page:

My mission is to make all of my clients look AND feel great whether it's with their personal style or business while also focusing on self-care, mental health, confidence, empowerment and practicing sustainability - Any gender, any shape, size or budget. Keep checking this page as it gets updated often. If you would like to request your location, you can follow the link below. 

Past locations:
-Brainerd Lakes Area

**annually end of July
-Maiden Rock, WI

-Menomonie, WI
-Tampa, FL
-Orlando, FL
-St. Augustine, FL
-South Florida
-Scranton, PA
-Binghamton, NY
-Road trip; Mpls --> Maine
-San Diego, CA
-Seattle, WA
-Las Vegas, NV
-Scottsdale, AZ

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