Home & Commercial Styling

interior decorator

With my interior styling services, I really listen to my clients on how they already utilize their space everyday, what they feel like they're missing and how they want to feel. When it comes to a commercial space, I dig deep into who your customer is, what are they expecting when it comes to the overall experience, right down to the little details showcasing your brand. No matter who I'm working with, I focus on finding the right pieces that are AFFORDABLE, that they are actually functional and the space overall brings you joy!


30 minute Virtual Consults


Great for people that want consulting here & there over the course of their own decorating

Styling of Full Space

Styling of One Room+


Rate is $55 per hour; $75 for consulting only

*I do not perform full-on interior designing, but I may be able to offer consulting or refer you to a great designer I know!