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Welcome to my Subscription page! So you may be wondering, "What is a subscription service?" Every time I worked with a client that purchased a package, a large percentage of them always fell back into their ways. If you haven't worked with me before, I always teach my clients throughout their styling experience so they have the confidence to style themselves upon completion. Over a course of time, they wouldn't practice the new shopping and styling information I provided them, whether it was actually shopping or even having the time or energy to follow through. This resulted them in purchasing yet ANOTHER wardrobe package = spending more money. This is where the subscription service was born! 


- On-going style consulting at a discounted rate

- You can use your hours however you would like over a course of a year

 - Your scheduling of appointments will take priority over any other inquiry

- Access to exclusive discounts and promos with any of our special events and sales

- BONUS: Some packages have access to an online portal where you can not only upload your current items in your closet for us to style, but we can shop for you too through easy shoppable links! Get a preview by visiting My Shoppable Picks

- You can even choose your stylist upon booking: Meet the Stylists

All subscriptions can be customized including blending 2 together or adding more hours

Ask me anything wardrobe or decor related for 30 minutes whenever you want! These consults are done via Zoom and you can easily schedule online too! 

Virtual Stylist

(12) 30 minute virtual sessions

$25 per month / $300 annually

(savings of $60)

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Vacation Packing

Going on vacation and don't know what to wear or pack? Maybe it's a beach vacation or a work conference, either way I'll make your travel plans easier! I'll create outfits from within your virtual closet AND shop for pieces you're missing then schedule them in my online portal Calendar. You'll log in and know exactly what to pack and when to wear it! 

Small Suitcase

Starts at 9 hours of styling & shopping

$51 per month / $605 annually

(savings up to $427)

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The Original - We'll work together and decide on what to keep & donate in addition to creating a shopping list of must-haves you'll need for that time of year. We'll also come up with seasonal outfits that are right from within your closet that maybe you realized you didn't have before! I'll then upload the outfits into your personalized online portal.

image consultant minneapolis

(4) 2.5 hour sessions 

$59 per month / $775 annually

(savings of $225)

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If you have trouble deciding what to wear everyday and wish you had a lookbook to refer to or even get inspiration from, then this is the package for you! You'll have access to my online portal where you can log into your own personal file and find an outfit that I have personally curated for you! 

Minneapolis personal stylist

Starts at 8 hours of styling

$45 per month / $540 annually

(savings up to $145)

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Whether you need something for an upcoming trip, a special event or even if you just don't have the time or energy to get some new pieces for everyday, I'll do it!

You'll be able to log into the online portal and see personalized curated pieces that are easily shoppable just by clicking the items. 

Minneapolis personal shopper

Starts at 10 hours of shopping

$56 per month / $670 annually

(savings up to $155)

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If you want some outfits created, but know that you will need some pieces to finish off the look, this package is right up your alley! This is also great for seasonal shopping along with knowing what to wear for every season too!

Image by rocknwool

Starts at 12 hours of shopping & outfit creation

$67 per month / $804 annually

(savings up to $171)

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