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How to Create an Outfit

how to create an outfit

There are a 3 different types of clients I work with:

1) They're going through a personal "rebrand" and want to change up their style

2) They just want the convenience of someone who can go shopping and tell them what to wear

3) They don't know how to put an outfit together and want to learn

The one thing I give to every client in their personalized recap is the outfit formula! If you follow me on social media then you probably seen me talk about it. This formula is an easy checklist to ensure that you're going in the right direction when getting dressed everyday. So here it is; every outfit should have:

A neutral

A color

A pattern

A texture

If you need a 5th piece in your outfit and want to tone it down, go with another neutral. If you want to elevate it a tad, go with another color, pattern or texture - When in doubt, go with a color!

Neutrals can consist of: Black, white, grey, cream, tan, brown and everything in-between such as beige, taupe, charcoal, ivory, etc. And quite honestly, I'm starting to put navy into this category. Reason being is because if someone wants to branch into a color or if you see someone wearing a neutral outfit, it usually has a pop of navy. Especially in the European fashion world.

Colors, well, I don't think I need to elaborate on that. You all know what a color is 😉

When it comes to patterns, obviously there are A TON! However, I'm going to list only the classic patterns that will never go out of style: Stripes, polka dots, floral print, leopard print (leopard print definitely is not just a fall print anymore; you can wear it all year round. And if you don't like leopard, you could change this out for snake print), plaid (you can change this out for buffalo check if you're not a plaid person), window pane and houndstooth!

Textures can include: Tweed (one of my favorites to work with during the fall-winter), chenille, teddy bear, faux fur, wool, cable knit, linen, ribbed, leather, corduroy, silk, satin and lace.

Now let me say this, when I say EVERY outfit that doesn't mean "every outfit". For example, during the summer you're probably wearing just a tee with shorts or if you're like me, you live in maxi dresses (one and done, am I right?). Of course there's linen, but besides that. Also, 2 elements could be in 1 piece of your outfit. An example would be a red silk top; kills 2 birds with 1 stone.

After reading this so far, you're probably wondering, "What does this outfit formula look like in real life?" Here are some examples that are only available to all you blog readers...which are all shoppable by the way! Yup, I did some free personal shopping for you; plus size, regular sizes, and some items are even available in petite and tall! You're welcome 😉

Well there you have it, my 1st post in my newly renovated blog! I hope you enjoyed this post...and if you did, make sure to subscribe to my non-spammy newsletter to be in-the-know before anyone else!

Pinterest is getting a facelift soon too!

Until next time,


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