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Wardrobe FAQ

Where do you shop?

I shop everywhere! Once I get to know the client, their current style, where they want to go with it along with their budget, I will know what stores to go to. I do ask my clients what their favorite stores are and if it fits with their new style and my vision for them, of course I’ll go there. To give you an idea though, I can thrift, go to Marshalls or TJ Maxx, local boutiques, Nordstroms, Macys, Banana Republic, etc. I work with all budgets! 


Do you style petites? Do you style plus size? 

Absolutely! I honestly can style any shape and size. I even style clients who go up and down with their weight.


Do you style men?

Yes, I love styling men! Bachelors, athletes, tall, slender, you name it. Again, I style all shapes, sizes AND genders.


Do you style kids?

Yup, sure do!

Do you work with the LBGTQ+ community?

Sure do! Between Sarah and I, we have worked with people transitioning genders, non-binary, etc. We work with EVERYONE!


Do you work on commission? 

No, I work on flat fees. I truly believe in 1) Utilizing my clients current wardrobe as much as I can to reduce our carbon footprint - unless the client really wants to toss everything out or if I think we need to start over. And, 2) I don’t believe in trends except for the fit of the items. With that said, I’m not going to push all these crazy patterns and colors on you just because they are a current trend. I take pride in my business in being personable and just making you feel good about yourself so in order to do that, that may only be starting out with a few pieces. I’m not a salesperson, I’m a people’s person. However, and to be transparent, if we utilize the portal for online shopping we do receive a small commission but it’s only because Goodpix (the name of the portal) has it already built in. If it wasn’t as great of a program for my clients to use, then I probably would turn away from it. 

I’m scared that you’re going to come into my closet and toss everything out, including some sentimental pieces. I’m also scared that I’ll get overwhelmed.

Sure, it may be scary to have a stranger come into your closet to look at what you have, but I guarantee you I DO NOT judge. There is a reason why you called me (or are even thinking about calling me) and I’m here to help! If you have that sentimental piece, we can keep it! We may just want to go shopping to update it a little bit by “building around it”. We can always split up your appointments too! I have a good feeling for when people are scared or overwhelmed so I may even suggest that we split them up even before you say something. The last thing I want to do is have you regret working with a professional stylist and you still feel terrible about your clothes and the way you look. 


What types of clients do you work with?

Where do I begin...I work with a wide range of clients, but I do have a clientele where they’re going through a lifestyle change. Overall, I’ve worked with upper 20 year olds that realize they can’t dress like they’re still in college. I work with new moms and dads who may have gone through some body changes (even that lifestyle change can take a toll). I work with empty nesters because now they can focus on themselves. I also work with divorcees or anyone else that has gone through a lifestyle change and just wants a makeover! I even work with clients that have come out of a traumatic situation, such as abuse, and just want to start over. 


And then there are business professionals! I work a lot with them too. These can include stay at home parents going back into the office setting, home office going back into the office, a lot of public speakers, new entrepreneurs that need to match their business and brand, people who received a promotion into a managerial position that now needs to look the part, or even women in a male-dominated industry or vice versa! And let’s not forget about those one-off clients that just need something for that holiday party or special occasion ;) 


Do you do complete makeovers like those reality tv shows?

Sure do, I actually added a new package called Image Consulting after popular demand! You can read about that package on our Wardrobe Package page. To give you a preview, I have a bunch of resources and a team that I pull in to makeover your hair and makeup all the way down to your home! This can be a very overwhelming process for a lot of people so we do suggest spreading it out over a course of a few weeks to even months. However, in the end you will be looking and feeling great about yourself and everything around you! 


Can I have a friend attend my session for support?

Although we want you to be as comfortable as possible, we highly suggest that your friends do not attend your sessions. Sometimes clients will ask their friends for their opinion and they will say the complete opposite than what we think or say. This basically makes the appointment a waste of your time and money. Not saying we don’t want your friends to give you an opinion, but as a professional stylist I’m here to help which is why you hired me in the first place. If you’re still thinking that you want your friend around, still reach out - We can plan a group event such as a Sip & Shop! 


When I think of a personal stylist, I imagine them as a luxury service and are super expensive. Are you really expensive?

Nope! I have several different packages ranging from $30 to $820. I created them that way not only to cater to everyone’s needs, but everyone should have access to a stylist so I strategically planned out the price of each package so it’s possible. I honestly want to help people so payment plans are also available depending on the timeframe that you want the session to take place. Just message me and we can chat. I want to make sure that you are investing in yourself, your mental health, self confidence, but all the while being comfortable financially. 


Do you have a calendar for when you do appointments that I can look at and book? 

As much as I want this, no I do not. Maybe in the future. I run 2 businesses so I’m running around the cities as well as traveling to out of state appointments so my schedule varies. In the Contact box on my main page, I ask what city and state you live in. Before I reach out to you, I actually look at my calendar to see where I am going to be in the coming weeks to plan accordingly ;) And again, this is for in-person appointments. I do offer virtual styling appointments and shopping. 


Please note that I do tend to book out so if you’re wanting an outfit for next week, still reach out but just know that in the future you should reach out to me in advance. With short timeframes, I cannot guarantee that I will find what you need in time, especially with the delayed supply chain due to the pandemic. If you need immediate help, I do have 30 Minute Virtual Styling Consults where you can ask myself or Sarah anything. This may be a better fit for you if we are cutting it close. They can easily be booked online and out within 7 days. Click here to book one


How do you work with clients now that we are in a pandemic?

Although Sarah and I are both vaccinated and have received our boosters, we can wear masks to every appointment - Whether it is shopping or in our client’s home. Since we both work with a variety of clients which include the elderly, clients with health issues, etc. we want our clients to be as comfortable as possible and want to respect your decision. Now with technology and our handy-dandy portal we use, we can actually do everything virtual as well!


Do you work with clients outside of Minneapolis?

Yup! I have clients in Los Angeles, Rhode Island, Houston, Guatemala, Indiana. Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest! As I mentioned in the last paragraph, now with the technology and the portal I have, it’s super easy! I do travel a lot so you may want to check out my Tour Dates to see if I’m going to be in your area as I do accept appointments ;) The types of appointments I conduct vary per trip - Click here to see where I'm heading next. Otherwise, just contact me.

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