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Alex & Lauren's Engagement Photo Shoot

Engaged couple looking at each other in Downtown Minneapolis

When your client who you have been working with since August 2022 reaches out and says she's getting married and needs help with her outfits for her engagement photo shoot, you say "HELL YEAH!" To say being a part of my client's big milestones throughout their life is gratifying, is an understatement.

Most of my clients reach out when they're going through something such as a weight loss/gain, career change or a promotion, bad breakup, newly divorced, cancer survivor or a current patient, survivor of abuse, you name it. For Lauren, she originally just needed a revamp. Another transition in life when you really think about it. Anywho, typically after I work with them, they always reach out later because they have a special event or a vacation coming up that they need help with. Then after that comes their other family members and friends who want to work with me. It goes on, and on, and on. After a few years, I know their whole family and they're inviting me over for dinner (that last part is a joke 😂 but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this happens at some point. I mean, I received baby gifts from some of my clients!) So, again, to basically not love my job is totally false. Being a part of my clients lives and their milestones is the most gratifying thing because they trust me and want me to be included!

How to Plan a Photo Shoot

When I work with a client specifically on a photo shoot, there are a few questions I always ask:

When is the photo shoot taking place

Where is the photo shoot taking place

Who is the photographer

How long is the photo shoot, and

How do they want to feel during the photo shoot

BONUS: If they have an inspiration board on Pinterest, send it over!

All these questions help give me a vibe of the photo shoot itself. Example: is it a moody vibe or an airy vibe based on the photographer's style and setting? What season will it be so I can dress them accordingly? How many outfits will they be able to wear based on the timeframe of the photo shoot? And of course, how they want to feel really plays a role!

Personal Styling Alex & Lauren's Engagement Photo Shoot

Like I mentioned, I've been working with Lauren since August 2022 so pretty sure I knew her style 😉 She's always had a vintage boho flair with a splash of the 90's. When it came to the photo shoot, I knew she would want to be comfortable because not everyone is born to be comfortable in front of the camera so I wanted to play it more safe than sorry. So by "comfortable", yes comfortable fabrics, etc. However, I also mean styling her in the vintage boho flair with a splash of 90's as much as I could so she felt like herself type of "comfortable".

With Alex, I've never met him before so I gathered as much information as possible including photos. Then, of course, I wanted to know how he wanted to feel during the photo shoot. One thing that you have to take in mind when there is more than one person in the photos is to ensure they coordinate, but not in a cheesy way obviously 😉 His style was more casual so the balance between the 2 was perfection!

Now it was time to find out where the photo shoot was going to take place, who was the photographer and how long was the shoot going to take. It was going to take place in Downtown Minneapolis in the Skyway because that's where they met - Cue the tears 🥹 And they were using Fox & Loon Photography. This photographer (Meghan) has a dark and moody vibe (which is my favorite) so I knew that the clothes had to mock that a tad. Lastly, I don't remember the exact timeframe off the top of my head, but I do know that they could get into 2 outfits for sure! So long story short, the vibe and their personal style meshed so well together.

Engagement Photo Shoot Outfit Inspiration

So what did I come up with?! I did leave the notes that I left for them to keep it authentic and maybe you gain some knowledge from it as well 😊

Lauren's 1st Look

anthropologie velvet dress with tights and statement earrings

women's black dress boots

Lauren's 2nd Look

women's teal pant outfit

Alex's 1st Look

men's all black outfit with white sneakers

Alex's 2nd Look

men's all black outfit with fashion boots

Engagement Photos

Now you want to see how some of the photos turned out?!

Shop the Looks

Some pieces might be sold out, but just in case you want to see the outfit up close and personal, you can visit to shop the looks!

I hope you all found this helpful and got some inspiration if you're planning an engagement photo shoot or some type of portrait in the future. If you need help, you know where to reach me:

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**excuse the mess on Pinterest, we're still revamping it to help all of you 😉

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