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Welcome to my new blog!

Well guys, it was a matter of time until I truly wanted to enjoy my vacations. As you all know, I practice self-care and preach it to my clients on the daily. Although I love thrifting and we travel a lot, it just became too much to blog about each trip not only because I wanted to just be ON vacation and not have to worry about doing a photo shoot, but also during the pandemic my business took off! So with that, I just decided to call it quits because, man, when those vacations come around, I need that vacation 😂

Here is what you can expect in the revamp of this blog:

  • Clients - These won't be as often as you think. A lot of potential clients ask me if I have 'before and after's' and the answer is always, "not really". My clientele are people who are going through a transition in life. This could be weight gain/loss, divorce, coming out from an abusive relationship, high profile job, and some just overall have insecurities about their body. I even work with the LBGTQ+ community which can be someone going with an actual transition which is a very private matter. With that said, a lot of my clients opt out from me using their photos and I have to respect their privacy. However, I will try my best to get creative 😉

  • Shoppable picks - If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you probably have seen some posts where I say, "I've done some shopping for you" then direct you to a link ( Or maybe you're a client of mine (a package or a subscription) and we've used an online portal with shoppable links and outfit creations from within your closet. Last year I invested in this portal which allows me to create files for clients where I can shop online and send personalized, shoppable links straight to them. The portal also allows me to have a "shoppable storefront" that the general public can access. With that said, I'll be including more shopping posts in this blog so you have access to my favorites, Sarah's favorites, and overall showcasing the latest must-have's and trends year round! I'll even be including my top picks for massive sales and my own personal reviews!

  • Tips and Tricks + 'How to's' - I post a TON on social media, but when it comes to the blog I'll be taking it a step further and going more in-depth. I may even include some videos! Either way, these types of posts could include: How to dress for XYZ, What to pack for vacation, Creating a capsule wardrobe, Wardrobe checklist, How to organize your closet, How to rebrand yourself, you name it!

And let's not forget to mention that all these posts won't just be about fashion because I do interior styling, retail consulting, and photo shoots as well 😉

So if you like what you're reading, I would consider subscribing to my non-spammy newsletter (no, seriously it's not spammy. I don't have time for it and I know you hate getting five million emails a day):

*My Pinterest is also getting a revamp. So excited to show you! Stay tuned.

And with all of this said, the 1st post is here: Read it here

Happy reading and enjoy!



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