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A Fall Fashion Trend for 2023: The Color Red

Last month I posted on my Instagram about the color red being a fall fashion trend and you guys loved it! So I thought for my this blog post I would write more about it, especially with the holidays coming up and red being a popular color to wear - tis the season!

A red graphic that reads "A Fall Fashion Trend 2023: The Color Red"

Psychology of the Color Red

As I mentioned in the post, red isn't only a daunting color to most, but a lot of people can't wear a true red. However, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't try! First of all, the psychology of the color red symbolizes: Love, Passion, Persuasion, Energy, Confidence, Attention, and Competitiveness - hence why a lot of people say their color of choice when wearing their "power suit" is red.

How to Wear the Color Red

Secondly, if you are one of those people that thinks red is daunting, here is a reminder of how you can wear the color from my post:

  • Wear it away from your face by wearing it in your shoes or pants

  • If that's a little too much, wear something (again, away from your face) with a darker pattern with the secondary main color being red

  • And lastly, there are so many shades of red so find the one that's right for you! Based on your complexion AND what you're comfortable with

When it comes to the shade of red, here is my little tip I give to all my clients: Go to your local home improvement store and pick up red paint swatches. Like I mentioned above, there are so many shades of red. There's fire engine red, cherry red, crimson, maroon, wine, garnet, burgundy, and there's even raspberry! Obviously there's more than this, but you get the point.

Here's a little example: If you have a touch of red in your complexion, go more towards a red with a purple tint such as a burgundy or a raspberry. If you have a darker complexion, you can pull off a true red.

The key to choosing the right red is to obviously stand in front of the mirror, but make sure you're in good lighting....this means natural light...which means you should grab a chair, your tabletop mirror and take a seat right in front of a window.

Red Outfit Ideas

So are you ready for the part where you can get some red outfit ideas? All of the below are shoppable too!

Ann Taylor red puff sleeve top with faux leather pants, black suede heels and black feather earrings

Express maroon trouser with black hooded sweater, gold hoops and Ked white sneakers from DSW

Black ribbed sweater dress, burgundy knee-high boot with cognac belt, gold heart earrings and tortoise watch all from Nordstrom

If you want to shop any of these looks, click here!

There's so many ways to style with red so hopefully this gives you some type of guidance :)

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**excuse the mess on Pinterest, we're currently revamping it to help all of you 😉

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