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Land of 10,000 Lakes: COVID Edition

Dear COVID, you suck!

Am I right everyone? I'm so bummed that I just launched this blog last year and now being in 2020 I haven't been able to do what I love and write about it here. But you know what? Everything happens for a reason and there's nothing we can do. So with that, I'm excited to get to those thrift stores as soon as COVID lifts because during quarantine everyone has been decluttering which means that thrift stores are busting at the seams!! 😍

For this blog post, I'm writing about our annual trip to Breezy Point Resort. We were hesitant about going up there and made the call just one month prior. We only decided to go because we figured we could bring our own bed sheets, pillows and cases along with extra sheets to cover the couches + we would wipe EVERYTHING down once we got there. So we ventured on up.

Now when there isn't a mask mandate statewide, up north is a little more lenient with the masks, meaning it seemed like there wasn't a pandemic going on. It got some getting used to and pretty sure my hands were raw AF once I got home, but we stayed safe and didn't get sick. This was the first and only trip we have taken since the COVID outbreak.

So you're probably wondering, what did you do? Well we knew that this trip was going to be different. We looked at it in a way where we focused more on relaxation. It was exactly that. We just hung out in our rooms and got takeout from the Commander (their omelettes though 😋), Big Axe Brewing Company and of course Zorbaz (I'm sure if you're from MN, you know what this is)! On a side note, my husband and I actually don't mind getting takeout because do you know how much money we're saving?!? A lot!!! We actually made takeout even more fun by having a picnic at a nearby park that we haven't gone to before. We did this with the annual outing to Zorbaz and ate at Cross Lake Recreation Area. PS - eating nachos in the car is kind of hard. PPS - their takeout nachos are STILL a huge portion. Eat wisely.

Although we were hunkering down in our rooms the whole time, I did want to get some thrifting done at none other than Common Goods! I had such great luck there last year - remember the blue wedges?! 😍 Brand new AND a steal of a deal. So here is what I found AND....what my husband found! Yup, he is making a debut in my blog right now:

Black Nylon Bomber Jacket - $7.99

Men's fashion isn't as flexible as women's fashion and can be quite repetitive when you really think about it. If you follow me on social media, you probably have heard (and seen) me say that men can change up their look by playing with the following: Pattern, texture, color and layering! My husband is going through a wardrobe transition. He used to wear either a button-up or a polo. Now that he has a wife that just so happens to be a professional wardrobe stylist, I'm introducing him to new colors, textures and definitely the layering aspect of things. I mean how cute does he look in in this bomber? 😍

BONUS: The nice thing is that he can't really get mad at me when I go shopping for him because I'm an avid thrifter who spends basically next to nothing, right?!

Then here's what I found - I didn't take a photo in them because I actually found them at the Brainerd location on our way back home.

Grey Poncho - $5.99

There are a few different styles of ponchos and quite honestly, you should definitely have one! Whether you rock it out in public or if it's not really your style, have one to snuggle up in during the winter. If you do try one on and it doesn't look right, keep searching. I compare it to denim shopping; once you find one that fits, you stick with that brand. With ponchos, you stick with that style! The trick is to wear a skinnier bottom so it balances you out. The number one complaint I get from clients that are trying them on for the first time is that they feel larger than they are. Having a skinnier bottom does the trick 😉

Another question I get a lot about ponchos is, "What should I wear underneath?" Keep it basic; either a long sleeve or a tee (depending on the style, of course). With this poncho since it's jacket-like style, I'll do both. Don't be afraid to play around with the pattern of the top either!

Fuzzy Black Acrylic / Nylon Cardigan: $9.99

My husband doesn't really like this sweater. However, I loved it the moment I saw it. I felt like I was wearing Chanel or something Audrey Hepburn would have worn. It's just a classy piece. I'm going to keep it simple with this one and wear a white v-neck tee underneath, tuck it in to a dark jean and pair it with a loafer. Simple as that. Every outfit should have a statement piece so you don't want to overpower it with another statement piece (unless you have an eclectic style, then that's different). If I did want to step outside my own comfort zone, oh the possibilities with this one!

So do we have another trip planned? We're going camping at the end of September which we booked awhile ago. It now seems like camping, glamping and going on road trips is the thing to do nowadays. I'm fine with it. I haven't gone camping in a long time so it will be nice to get back into the groove of things. Will I go thrifting? Not sure, probably not. But maybe? Maybe on my way home? We shall see!

Till next time, Xoxo

If you didn't read last year's post, you can read about it here!


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