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Coastal Thrifting: Seattle

Updated: May 29, 2020

Seattle was never on my list to visit, just didn't intrigue me enough. However, I recently went to a wedding there which my husband and I had decided to extend our trip a little bit because, well, that's what we do. Boy was I wrong about Seattle, I absolutely loved it and I can't wait to go back! I would totally move there, buy an old warehouse right by the water and turn it into a venue and live in a loft apartment.

I loved walking the streets and just looking at all the cool buildings, walking along the water, checking out the restaurants, coffee shops, the food, the culture, the vibe, all of it! I mean, look at this:

seattle thrift stores

With that being said, Seattle is so spread out and we didn't have a car so I unfortunately didn't get to thrift as much as I wanted to. I did find a place called Le Frock Vintage which happened to be in the neighborhood I fell in love with (please go check out Terra Plata's rooftop while you're in the area too). Here is what I found:

vintage store earrings
Olympic Sculpture Park

Multi Colored Earrings - $10.50

Fashion hint: If you have a busy neckline, wear an earring. If you don't, go with a necklace. And can we just say everyone should have a statement earring? 😉

upcycled thrifted find
Couldn't go to Seattle without visiting the one and only Starbucks Reserve

Recycled Silk Saree Floral Top - $39.53

I was so excited about this top because not only did I find it at a local store as you know, but it's also made by a local designer who recycles sarees. Meet the brand Indie Ella! If you're not thrifting, #ShopSmall 🛍️

floral top
Olympic Sculpture Park

If you've worked with me before and you're someone that goes up and down in size or is in just an overall transitional phase, you may have those larger shirts in your closet already. Or maybe you are someone that just likes oversize clothing in general (I know I do). If so, give it some figure by doing a front tuck (How to: Take the bottom middle of your top, fully twist it and tuck it into your bottom). I promise you will not look frumpy like you would if you left it untucked 👌

You can balance it out even more by pairing it with a skinnier pant. That will be another fashion tip in another post though so we'll save that for next time!

That's it for now! Not sure where we're heading next. We're talking about going somewhere over our anniversary weekend which is mid-October and/or it will be our annual NYE trip. We shall see where the road, or sky for that matter, will take me!

Till next time - Xoxo


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