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Interior Styling FAQ

Where do you shop?

Until further notice, I will no longer be accepting in-person full interior styling projects as of Nov 1st, 2023. However, I shop everywhere! Once I get to know the client,  where they want to go with their space along with their budget, I will know what stores to go to. I do ask my clients what their favorites are and if it fits with their new style and my vision for the space, of course I’ll go there. To give you an idea though, I can thrift, go to Home Goods, local boutiques and designers, HOM, West Elm, Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware. I work with all budgets.


Do you only style main spaces (i.e. lobbies, offices, living rooms, bedrooms, etc.)? 

Nope! I love doing She Sheds, Man Caves along with outdoor spaces. I have some great landscaping companies who I can work with to create that awesome outdoor space. 


Do you work on commission? 

No, I work at an hourly rate. I don’t want to pressure any of my clients into buying something super expensive when they can’t afford it or have to buy something that costs that much. Like I mentioned, I work with all budgets.


What types of clients do you work with?

I tend to work with people that want a functional space, but yet aesthetically pleasing and cozy. I can definitely style something over the top and chic though. It’s nice to do something different once in a while.


Do you conduct free walk-throughs of my space?

Yes! I want to make sure we’re a good fit and that I can do the space itself. If I can’t or don’t think it’s a good fit between you and I, I will tell you. I have plenty of design referrals who I can put you in contact with in hopes they would be a better fit for you. I won’t leave you hanging ;) 


How long does a project take?

It really depends on how big the space is, if you want me to do everything or if you want to be super involved and what we’re looking for. I am a shopper which means that I will find the perfect piece for you. It may take 1 day, 2 weeks or it could take a month. I am very detail oriented so I do truly want to find that perfect piece. While we look for it though, I will continue on with looking for other things. Until further notice, I will no longer be accepting in-person full interior styling projects as of Nov 1st, 2023. However, I will continue to offer virtual services and consulting. Some projects may vary on the turnaround time. 


Please do keep in mind that due to the supply chain related to the pandemic, manufacturers are experiencing delays.


What is the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator or stylist like yourself?

An interior designer is someone that goes into renovations to picking out the tile, flooring, etc. As an interior decorator (or interior stylist as I like to call it), I can consult you when it comes to tile, flooring, etc. such as suggesting colors, but I am more of the person that comes in after to decorate.


Do you do home staging?

No, I wish! How fun would that be? I do have some referrals though. However, if you have great pieces that align with is expected for home staging, I can do it! 


When it comes to commercial spaces, you mentioned you dig deep into the customer's experience and expectations. What does that mean? 

I have several years of experience in business development and customer service. It’s all about the customer, they are your business. With that said, I look at the following things: How should they feel when walking into an office in your industry, what do your competitors interiors look like and feel like, what are things your customers may need (reading material, activities, etc.), is your brand well represented (water bottles with your logo on it, branded refreshments, etc.). Overall, the first impression is everything and if they have a great experience, they will return and return again while also passing your name along.

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