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Thanks again for wanting to learn more about the #IAmStrongerProject! Whether you end up donating, sharing the project through your social outlets, becoming a sponsor or you don't do anything, I'm just glad that I'm getting the word out to people such as yourself.

So I thank you! 

This project was created to help an individual who has been a victim of child sexual abuse and to gain awareness around this issue. I wanted to start a non-profit but it's not ready. However, everyone needs to start somewhere, right? So here we are and here you are, visiting my page. As I mentioned before, I'm a victim of child sexual abuse in which I found fashion as my outlet as well as empowering. With this project, I wanted to create the same feeling for someone else.

Every year, I will accept 1 survivor of any gender and give them a free complete makeover - From clothes, to accessories, to hair and makeup. My mission is to allow this survivor to start their journey of recovery with a new, empowering version of themselves. When we don't feel good about ourselves, we tend to not put in much effort because we don't see ourselves in that sense of light.

I'm here to change that! 

The chosen survivor will be contacted in early January and the complete makeover process will begin almost immediately and continue throughout the month of February. In March, we will produce a professional styled photo shoot because who doesn't like to have photos of themselves when they feel and look amazing?! At this photo shoot, the survivor can expect professional hair and makeup plus a professional photographer at a location that fits their new look and personality. These photos are not only a visual reminder of why they're a survivor and beautiful, handsome and all the things, but those photos will help encourage them during their journey of recovery.


Additionally, we will use these photos to promote Sexual Assault Awareness during the official month of April. 

Disclaimer: If the survivor doesn't want their face pictured and/or doesn't want their name used, that is perfectly fine! Coming from the editorial world, there are ways around this so don't worry! The survivor is in good hands. A signing of an agreement is sent to the survivor prior to the project starting as well. 


Unfortunately, child sexual abuse is not talked about enough and is taking place a lot more often than you think.

Accordingly to Rainn.org:

- Just in the United States, 60,000 children are victims of sexual abuse per year

- Every 9 minutes, child protective services substantiates, or finds evidence for, a claim of child sexual abuse

- 93% of the abusers are known to the victim - 34% of that is a family member and 59% is acquaintances

The remaining 7% is a stranger

Meanwhile, here in MN, Level 3 sex offenders are the only level that the state will notify the neighborhood the offender will be residing upon being released from prison! There are 3 levels. 

This project is solely based on donations and sponsors. All the money raised will goes towards the makeover and the styled shoot. Each year, my goal will be $5,000. So whether you're able to donate $100 or even $10, every little bit counts! If you don't have the means to donate, just by sharing this project with your friends, family, colleagues, online, wherever you can, it's MORE POWERFUL than you know. Please consider sharing this project and using the hashtag #IAmStrongerProject 


Thank you again!  

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