What is an e-class? 

Well first of all, welcome to my 'classroom'. Secondly, if you haven't realized it, I love to teach! If I could be a professor, I probably would. With over 17 years of experience in everything from personal styling, events, merchandising, business, branding and even my hobby of constantly studying about color and fashion psychology, I thought why not provide all this information to my followers and clients? 

Being an event planner, it's hard to schedule events around everyone's schedule while also trying to fit it into mine. So with that being said, these e-classes will essentially be a pre-recorded virtual event! They'll be on a variety of topics which will be available for purchase indefinitely! You'll be able to watch and re-watch whenever you want, and can, for 30 days! The nice thing is that they will all be SUPER affordable! They will launch sporadically so you may want to subscribe to my 'quarterly + important stuff only' newsletter or follow me on my social media so you know when they launch. 

Once you make a purchase below, you will be able to download it immediately. I may even send you an email with more content to go along with the video (i.e. a slideshow).

With that being said, be ready to laugh, happy learning and enjoy! If you have any issues, please Contact Me.