personal stylist



Do you love fashion and putting outfits together? Do you have a following or friends who love how you dress? We would love to work with you! 

Here's how:

-Utilize one of our fashion tips (or even home decor tips) and post them to your social media platforms

-Give us a shout out + Tag us! Hashtag(s) coming soon

-Tell your followers your custom code 

-If they book online and use your code or even if they fill out our contact form to learn more and put YOU down under "How Did You Hear About Us?", we'll keep track of it

-Get paid every 30 days for every sale that gets booked that came from you. Commission rate is 5%

-Single payouts range from $1.50 - $41+ 

And yes, there will be discount codes + exclusive events for your followers at times too!

**Must be US based

Send us an email on why you would be a good ambassador along with your social media handles in order to be considered.